Summer Fun!

eleph3Well goodness, summer’s almost over and I’m proud to say we’ve made it through with minimal bloodshed! I think our favorite thing was our family trip to San Diego, where we visited the Zoo, Seaworld and the Safari Park. My daughter is obsessed with animals and now says she is going to be a zoologist when she grows up, and my middle son says he wants to be the guy that feeds the rhinos ^_^

Tiger face in colored pencilNot long after we got back, my laptop started giving me problems and eventually stopped working all together so I was stuck using my phone, which in turn decided to stop letting me connect to internet. I took it as a sign that I needed to “unplug” for a little while and have been spending time having fun with the kids and working on some art projects that I’d been meaning to get done for awhile, including this tiger that I did for my husband for Father’s Day. It’s amazing how much more productive I can be when I’m not distracted by the internet! I did eventually have to cave in and get a new laptop and phone though, and it’s definitely easier and faster to get stuff done when things actually work the way they’re supposed to!

While I’ve enjoyed my downtime, with my two oldest kids heading back to school in a couple weeks, I’m ready to get into full production mode (or at least as close to it as I can, some days are better than others!) to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. I’m hoping to do several local craft events this year, as well as expand my shop inventory to offer lots more ready-made items in addition to custom orders. I’m also offering portraits again, and while I plan to eventually open a shop for my artwork I just haven’t had time yet so for now they’re available here.

blue and black cuffed baby bootiesI’ve added a few new items to the shop, like these sweet little baby booties which can be customized with your choice of colors (see listing here). I’m planning to add more styles to the shop soon, as well as other baby items like the fun little “Bubbles and Goldfish” teether pictured below. My baby boy loves this thing, especially now that he has several teeth coming in at once (poor guy!). The pattern for the booties can be found here on the Repeat Crafter Me blog and the teether pattern is available on One Dog Woof, both for free!

That’s it for now, I hope you all have had a great summer and I’ll talk to you soon!



About Ashley

I'm a handmade shop owner specializing in crochet toys (amigurumi), accessories and patterns. I'm also a stay-at-home mom to my daughter and 2 sons and the lucky wife of a wonderful man who tolerates my yarn addiction and encourages me to keep crafting, even if the dishes don't get done ^_^
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