Owl Purse, Monster Buddy & Zombie Parts

Well, life continues to get in the way of my goal to be more consistent with keeping the blog updated. Despite my best intentions, when baby finally decides to take a nap, usually grabbing a quick shower wins out over computer time;) I’ve decided the only thing I can do is to stop stressing out about it. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, as any mom will agree. So instead of trying to keep to a strict posting schedule and then feeling guilty when I don’t, I’ll just do the best I can.  ^_^

crocheted owl purse patternIn the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to review some awesome pattern books (see my first book review here!), finish up a few projects from my mountainous WIP (Works in Progress) pile, and finally work on a new pattern! With the warmer weather we’ve been having here I’ve been focusing more on purses and bags rather than hats and scarves, resulting in this little owl purse! It’s made with cotton yarn (I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream from Michaels) so it’s easy to wash, and is the perfect size for a little girl to carry around her treasures (or a grown up girl to carry her essentials!) It has a zipper closure in the back to keep everything safe and sound. The purse is available in the shop now and I’m working on writing the pattern which will include instructions for the purse and also a variation to make it into a stuffed animal by leaving out the zipper and strap. I should have it up in the shop soon.

Little Joe Monster from Beastly CrochetI realized I hadn’t made anything for my older kids for awhile (having been obsessed with all the super cute baby hats!) so I made my middle child a new monster buddy from “Beastly Crochet“, one of my favorite books ever (review coming soon!). I’m in love with this guy! He was so much fun to make and is a great size for cuddling. For my daughter I’m working on a whale bag from “Amigurumi on the Go,” which will be big enough for her to use as an overnight bag for sleepovers. It’s still in the works so I’ll post pictures once it’s finished, but so far it’s turning out very cute!

I realized a lot of projects in my unfinished pile really didn’t need much work to  make the jump to the finished pile, so I took a day to see to the not so fun task of sewing on eyes and limbs, weaving in ends, and attaching zippers. This is a big problem of mine, I’ll crochet all the pieces of a pattern and then realize my sewing needle is buried in the craft bin, so instead of taking the time to go look for it I’ll set all the pieces aside and start on something else until I have a giant pile of heads, arms, legs, ears, and bodies lying around. It’s actually pretty creepy. I just really don’t like sewing as much as crocheting, but when my husband starts making comments about my “zombie parts” freaking him out I know it’s time to stop procrastinating. So here’s a couple that have made it out of limbo:

There’s more, I just haven’t had a chance to upload pictures yet ^_^ I’m hoping to get through the rest of the pile this week, wish me luck!


About Ashley

I'm a handmade shop owner specializing in crochet toys (amigurumi), accessories and patterns. I'm also a stay-at-home mom to my daughter and 2 sons and the lucky wife of a wonderful man who tolerates my yarn addiction and encourages me to keep crafting, even if the dishes don't get done ^_^
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