My New Look!

I think I have a problem with consistency. While in the process of giving this blog a makeover I realized I haven’t posted anything since May 2013! Obviously a lot has happened since then, the most exciting being the arrival of our sweet baby boy Sebastian in August! With all the typical baby stuff, taking care of the rest of the family, and things picking up with the shop I’ve had a hard time keeping up, and several things (like this blog!) have taken a backseat for awhile. Now that we’re into a new year I’ve been taking time to really think about my goals, and have decided to take a new direction with the shop and blog.

For starters, Ashley’s Art Box is now The Yarn Owl! (To read more about how I chose the name and how my yarn obsession began, click here)  I realized that over the past year or so I have been doing much more crochet than art, mainly because it’s a lot easier to do while holding a baby! I also realized that because of the way Etsy is set up I would have more success getting my items found if I had my shop filled with things of a similar kind rather than a mishmash of yarn work and art work. So for now I’ve decided to focus on the crochet side of business with the goal of later opening a second shop dedicated to art.

Since making the change I’ve had much better luck in the shop so I definitely think I made the right move! It has also gotten me thinking about how I can make this site more helpful to my readers, so I have redesigned things to focus on helping fellow crocheters and those who wish to learn by providing useful information like tutorials, pattern and product reviews, links to my favorite free and paid patterns, and stories about my journey as a handmade artist/crafter/yarn addict/wife/momma that will hopefully entertain as well as teach:) It is a work in progress at the moment as I attempt to accomplish a whole day’s worth of work in the snippets of time I get during naps and school, but I hope that in the end it will live up to my vision!

Another goal I have is to start focusing more on designing and publishing my own original crochet patterns, something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but just never got around to. Some I’ll post here as free patterns and others will be added to the shop, so keep a lookout for them soon:) If anyone has ideas for patterns they’d like to see let me know, I’d love to hear them!

Also, when I changed the name I had to start a new Facebook page which you can find here. Be sure to follow me to get updates on new shop listings, sales, and other news (I’m also much better about keeping the page updated than the blog ^_^) And in closing, here’s a few of my most recent projects. I’m going to begin adding reviews and links to the patterns I’ve used soon!


About Ashley

I'm a handmade shop owner specializing in crochet toys (amigurumi), accessories and patterns. I'm also a stay-at-home mom to my daughter and 2 sons and the lucky wife of a wonderful man who tolerates my yarn addiction and encourages me to keep crafting, even if the dishes don't get done ^_^
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