More puff stitch gloves!

It’s cold! I love this time of year when I can finally start wearing all the fun accessories I’ve made throughout the year. My favorites are still the puff stitch gloves I shared with you in a previous post, but this time I wanted something a little warmer and thicker so instead of skipping a stitch between puff stitches as the original pattern called for I added a half double crochet between each puff.



If you’d like a pair for yourself or to give as a gift, they’re available in my etsy shop here

I’m hoping to find some time next week to try out some of the fun holiday crafts I’m finding on Pinterest (waaay too addicting!). There’s just not enough hours in the day! I hope everyone has a great weekend and if I don’t get a chance to check back in before, super happy Thanksgiving!!


About Ashley

I'm a handmade shop owner specializing in crochet toys (amigurumi), accessories and patterns. I'm also a stay-at-home mom to my daughter and 2 sons and the lucky wife of a wonderful man who tolerates my yarn addiction and encourages me to keep crafting, even if the dishes don't get done ^_^
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